Food & equipment supplies to HoReCa Industry
Selected quality at the right price for the professional

  • Equipment for Food Stores

    The company has extensive experience and supports its customers to create from scratch or modernize their business.


    It offers complete services that include site study, plan according to the production processes, proposal for the selection of the appropriate in each case materials (equipment - machinery) and continuous technical support to complete the project.

  • B2C – Sales in Food Stores across Continental Greece

    The B2C department of the company supplies dining areas (hotels, restaurants, grill houses, cafes, bakeries) in Viotia, Evia Fokida Fthiotida.


    From the central warehouses of Thebes, Kitheronas 44, the company daily distributes to its customers food, packaging and consumables, detergents and cleaning equipment, dining utensils and kitchen equipment.

  • B2B - Wholesaling in Distribution Networks

    The Company's B2B department deals with wholesale customers and distribution networks throughout Greece. We select products of exceptional value and quality in order to improve performance and maximize the benefits for our customers.


    We have privately owned storage facilities in Ypato Viotia, 77th km National Road Athens - Lamia, and a well-organized customer service department and distribution network.

Product Selection

  • Sunflower oil
  • Meat Products
  • Consumables
  • Miscellaneous

Sunflower oil 10lt BUNGE PRO 7-12

Excellent quality and durability for professional use. It provides 7-12 days frying life (depending on use), it does not foam and is rich in omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acids. It combines economy with excellent results.


Sunflower oil 10lt BUNGE PRO 3-5

Excellent quality sunflower oil for professional use. Provides 3-5 days of frying life, does not foam and is rich in omega-6 fatty acids. It is economical because it lasts longer, keeping the result.

Sunflower oil 10lt & 5lt GROCER’S

Pure 100% for everyday professional use. It is produced in Hungary and is another BUNGE product. Great for pan and for cooking.


Sunflower oil 1lt GROCER’S

Pure 100% and convenient for home cooking. It is produced in Hungary and is another BUNGE product.

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Pork Skewers

Handmade, from machine or extra large.


Pork or chicken gyros

From pork ribbon or batter in packages of 5-120kg. From whole chicken or only leg in packs 5-40kg.

Chicken skewers

Handmade, from machine, bacon wrapped pork or extra large.


Ewe lamb chops

Selected especially for those who love the traditional flavor.

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Aluminum utensils

In many sizes and shapes that cover every need for food preparation and transportation.


Aluminium foil

To protect the food in preparation, storage and transport.

Cling film

For the protection of food during storage and / or baking.


Non-Stick Kitchen Foil

Ideal solution because it does not require spreading with oil or butter and has high resistance to high temperatures (up to 200 ° C)

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White, crystalline of excellent quality in 25 kg package.



Unparalleled scent and quality give flavor to each dish.

Chicken thighs 

Frozen, whole, serving portion chicken thighs in a 10 kg box.


Pita for skewers

Freshly made or frozen, white or wholemeal, round, square or oval; come in all sizes.

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